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Tickets to all soirees and concerts:

Online: Please order your tickets online (available soon).

Via mail: Please print the Ticket Order Form (available soon) and mail it in with your payment to the address on the form. 


8/20/22 Dillon Community Church

Adults: $30

Students & Youth: Free

8/21/22 Lake Dillon Theatre Outdoor Stage during the Silverthorne Art Stroll


8/25/22 Silverthorne Pavilion

Adults: $30

Students & Youth: Free

Please email us if you would like to order free student tickets. Please include the number of student tickets as well as the their names and ages. 



8/23/22: $100

8/27/22: $100

Our Soirees take place in private homes in the community. There is a champagne reception prior to the concert with wine and dinner afterward. This is an intimate setting with an opportunity to mingle with the musicians. 

*Please note that for the 2022 private home Soirées, attendees must be fully vaccinated.